Fethiye, known as Telmessos in the antique period, is the most important city of Lycia - one of the oldest. Anatolian civilizations-at the western borderline with caria.

Despite lack of information regarding its establishment, it is stated in the available documents that the history of the city reaches for back to 5th century B:C:A:

Lycia legend explains the source of the name Telmessos as follows: "God Apollon falls in love with the youngest daughter of the King of Finike (phoenike) Agenor. He disguises himself as a small dog and thus gains love of the shy, withdrawn daughter. They name their son Telmessos ". The city, with its name believed to have come from that of Telmessos - son of god Apollon, from the first state of the persians after being invaded by the persian king harpagos in 547 B.C. along with all other lycian and carian cities.